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There has been much talk about politics here at Noreast these days. Let's see if you are paying attention. The following quiz, made by me, only has ONE right answer whether accurate or not.

1. If Barack Obama gets the Democratic nomination his running mate will be:

A. Hillary Clinton
B. John Kerry
C. Ted Kennedy
D. Ali Baba
E. Osama Bin Laden

2. If Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination her running mate will be:

A. Barack Obama
B. Bill Clinton
C. Jack Nicholson
D. Geraldine Ferraro
E. Nancy Pelosi

3. John McCain will select as his running mate:

A. Mike Huckabee
B. Charlie Crist
C. Coco Crisp
D. Jesus Christ
E. Arnold Schwarzenegger

4. "Obama" is a Luo word for

A. Stealthy Muslim double agent
B. A Kenyan version of an Irish beer
C. Hopemonger
D. Yes we can
E. Roll tide

5. The best slogan for John McCain's campaign is:

A. Vote McCain Or U Get Pain
B. McCain: Not As Bad As Bush
C. It's not the economy, stupid
D. This is what you get after the Democrats self-destruct
E. McCain Enables

6. The best slogan for Hillary Clinton's campaign is:

A. Change: Vote for A New Family of Presidential Leadership
B. I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!
C. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Er...actually leave out the first name.
D. Hillary: The choice of 3 out of 5 party insiders
E. For all the times you've been passed up for a promotion at work, dumped by a guy, gave up your life to take care of others, or been called too fat this is your chance at REVENGE

7. The best slogan for Barack Obama's campaign is

A. Obama: He can beat Kim Jong-il at basketball and will do so!
B. :)
C. You can stop feeling guilty if you vote for me
D. Nice on the outside but he's like a CRAZY INSANE WRESTLER on the inside
E. No it's not that Hussein. And it's Obama spelled with a "b" not an "s".

8. The best slogan for Ralph Nader's campaign is:

A. Go Green: Recycle your "elect Nader" sticker from 2004. And 2000. And 1996. And 1992.
B. Even older and wiser than McCain!
C. In the magical land of Pretend, there are more than 2 parties of consequence.
D. Save the environment: throw nothing away except your vote!
E. Holy ****!: What if Nader actually does win?

9. In November, Puerto Rico will select as President:

A. Hillary Clinton
B. Barack Obama
C. John McCain
D. Ralph Nader
E. This question is a trick!

10. The political season will be at its most exciting:

A. In April, when the largest remaining primary in Pennsylvania is held
B. In June, when the primaries are done
C. In the summer, when the conventions are held
D. In November, when a new President is chosen
E. I am sick of politics. No more dumb things like this please.

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