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NOREAST needs 2 more forums for discussions. Almost all the other saltwater web-sites have them so why not NOREAST? These are the 2 NOREAST needs to be up to par with other sites.

1. Kayak Fishing
2. Saltwater Flyfishing

The kayak discussion board could be moderated by Joey2509. He's helped a lot of people catch fish from there kayak's by posting where and when he's fished and what he caught and what he caught it with. You can't ask for anymore than that. He has been very informative with his reports and would make a great moderator for a kayak discussion.

The Flyfishing discussion board could be moderated by the FLYSULLY's. They know how to fish our area Long Island, up north Martha's Vineyard and down south for Bonefish. I was lucky enough to fish with them 4-5 times earlier this year and they caught more keeper bass from the surf using the fly rod than most surfcasters/baitcasters will catch in a full year. They are the nicest people you will ever meet on the beach and there knowledge of flyrodding the surf is the best. They would be great as moderators for a flyfishing discussion.
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