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Noreast fisherman Specials on the"ZEPHYR"-Read on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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$10 bucks off tommorrows full-day trip-first we will hit the bunker pods for some heart racing blitz action with the choppers and Bass-Then off to the ledges surrounding Robbins for Fluke and weaks-If you are worried the boat may be crowded on the weekend-Dont..I think the aclamation to the heat today kept people indoors(first 90 degree day is always rough-yet we had a nice breeze on the water)We need five to sail(have 2 guys tell me they are coming_
Also we will sail an evening trip by phone res. only(need a few phone calls though as this trip is no where else advertised)
We will do a simular trip mon-then next week its GIANT pORGY TIME:)....sEE YOU AT THE RAIL Capt.larry
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