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From Tom Fote of the JCAA:

The Senate Environment Committee voted bill S336 (prohibiting the use
of certain fishing gear on artificial reefs) and S75 (Hooked on
Fishing Not on Drugs) out of committee today. We want to thank
Senator Bob Smith, Chairman of the committee, for posting the bills
and voting for both bills.
I would also like to thank Senators John Adler (primary
sponsor), Christopher Bateman, Andrew Ciesla, and Robert Gordon for
voting for both bills. Senator Jeff Van Drew voted for S75 but
abstained from voting on bill S336. He is listed as cosponsor for the
bill but did not vote in favor of the bill. Senator Sean T. Kean
(primary sponsor) attended the hearing and asked for quick passage of
the bill. I would also like to thank the NJ State Federation of
Sportsmens Clubs, RFA, Reef Rescue and NJ Dive Association for their
hard work and support of this legislation.

This was the first step. I spoke with Senator Barbara Buono and
Senator Leonard Lance about the importance of posting S75 for the
appropriations committee. The next step for S336 (Pots Off Reefs) is
a vote before the full Senate. Remember this bill passed unanimously
at the end of the last session. Please send letters to Senate
President Codey thanking him for his past support and encouraging him
to post the bill as soon as possible. The information for writing
letters is on the JCAA webpage and in the March JCAA Newspaper.
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