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NJ/NY Boarder

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It looks like we are in for another change in the fluke regs. this year. Possibly an increase in size to 16.5 inches for those fish caught in New Jersey waters. However, with New York still at 17 inches it makes for another year that we jersey guys do not drift into NY waters with undersize fish. Does the Reach define the boarder between NJ and NY ? What happens to the boarder line between Chapel hill channel and Ambrose ? Are there any Raritan Bay markers to go by on the water? Has anyone from NJ ever been asked to show their catch while in NY waters ? Thanks. Waterboy
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I'm not even 100% sure where the border is exactly. I do know for a fact that there were many times last year when NY CO's boarded NJ boats when they were in NY waters, and recieved fines for undersize fish or being over the bag limit. I heard that they were specifically looking for NJ boats, because they figured that they would have undersize fish according to NY laws.
The regs don't affect me personally, because I don't keep any fish that are under approx 19-20 inches, and rarely do I keep my limit anyway. Besides, I mainly fish near the tip of the hook, or near the ammo peir.
If you're going to be near NY waters, make sure you check a chart or something to make sure where the border is, because you can and WILL get boarded.

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