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Forget about parking anywhere on Old Dock Road near the bluff at the mouth of the Nissequogue river. The owner of the Old Dock Inn restaurant is on a war path. He is trying to get rid of all out-of-towners who use the bluff. His efforts include a petition to move the canoe rental companies out of there. The town of Smithtown has already changed all of the NO PARKING signs on Old Dock Road to something like "No parking from 9pm to 6am". They write tickets all of the time.

As far as Little Africa, it is a Town of Smithtown permit that you will also need. The night fishing permit is free at town hall to all residents. Outsiders will also be ticketed.

Your best bet in the whole area is Makamah Beach in Northport. It's a Huntington beach that is hardly ever patrolled and thr fishing is great there.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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