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Took a trip about 10 yrs ago out of Belmar on one of the Skylarker boats I think it was (old and around 60 ft.). We fished for pollock at night (baitfishing w/ squid) then baitfished/jigged during daylight hrs for cod etc. Was one of the funnest trips I've ever been on. I remember we got our brains beaton out on the 8 hr trip home (I think it was actually the day before "the perfect storm" hit) We were so late and the weather got so bad my girlfriend actually called the Coast Guard to see if there was any word from us :rolleyes: We killed the pollock at night. I used the small freshwater type glow sticks (1 inch) inside the squid and had high hook. Any boats doing trips like this anymore? I don't remember seeing any similar trips advertised since.

Thnx & Fish em' up!

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