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Night Fishing,Night Fishing

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Due to various reasons, I have been fishing the GSB by boat a lot night for the past several years. I have concentrated on the obvious, bass. The only other species I have caught at night has been weakfish.

Does anyone else fish for Inshore species other that Bass and Weakfish at Night? What about fluke, flounder, sea bass, tog, etc… If so, what baits & techniques do you use?
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I've seen guys at the ramp launching in the evening specifically to target fluke at night. I never heard how they did, but they said they have very good results. We have caught them at night on rubber worms while fishing for weaks.

Years ago, guys used to "gig" for them on the grass flats North of East and West Fire Island using a lantern slung from the bow of the boat and a spear. That may be a good place to look for them in a small shallow draft boat.

The only other fish I have caught in the bay at night, besides bass and weaks, have been blues, shad and skates. I have never tried for seabass or tog, so maybe someone else could give you an answer for them. I bet kingfish and porgies would be a possibility to. Fish around the Kismit reef with some small clambaits, and you'll see what you can catch.
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