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Here's a perfectly good jig...why don't I just leave it alone...? Nah....can't help fiddling with the ones I find...this is an old timer originally made by the "Elmer Hanscom Co." in Hyde Park, Mass, hence, Capt. Elmer's lures...

It's chromed metal, five ounces and I envision a bright future for it in the Cape Cod canal...once I get it stripped and painted, that is....I'm thinking pink & charcoal gray, maybe, like those funky shirts I wore back in high school in the 50s...maybe some hair? have to think about that...hmmmm, I wonder what this would look like to a "large" with a nine inch sluggo hanging off that 9/0 hook, nah....well....maybe....hmmmmmm

Jerry Vovcsko,
East Bridgewater, Ma
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