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NFSS Surf Fishing Seminar - Sat. Jan. 19th!!!!!

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We will be having an NFSS Surf Fishing Seminar on Saturday, January 19th at the Town of Babylon Annex building
from 10:00am - 2:00pm.

The address for the Annex bldg is:
281 Phelps Lane
North Babylon, NY 11703

Cost: $8.
Reserve your spot by sending your $8 fee to:
Nor'east Saltwater
525 W Jericho Tpke
Smithtown, NY 11787

Donuts and coffee will be served.
Featured presenters will be: Ken (Legasea) and Kevin (Walleyeman)
Noreast name tags will be made for each attendee.

A hands on Knot-Tying Station with Eric (ihavegills) will be set up to improve your ability to tie various types of knots.

Topics covered will be...
The Mind of a Surf Caster
The thought process
The sensation
Kids, family and friends
Surf Etiquette

Reading the Beach
Holes ? deep and deadly
Drains ? current = bass magnet
Bars ? hiding spots for the predator

Thinking Like a Bass
Feeding as opposed to catching

Tidal Impact (Diagram Current vs Tide / Moons)
Surf - low to read and high to fish
Inlets - discuss time delta ? current vs. tide
Jetties ? sweeps / dead spots and time delta
Back bays ? variations from East to West

LI Target Areas (NO SPOT BURNING) ;)
North Shore ? Harbors, inlets and beach front
South Shore ? Inlets, bays and beach front
Montauk ? North side, south side and the light

Rods and Reels
Spring, Summer and Fall NS
Spring, Summer and Fall SS

What?s in my Surf Bag
North Shore
South Shore
Bait Chunks, Eels, Clams, Worms

Tips and Tactics for Successful Surf Fishing
Casting for Distance
General Surf Gear

WRAP up with...
Waders and water
Rocks at night

A Q&A time with Ken and Kevin will be made available!

Please sign up asap as space is limited! :)
See the sign up page thread on the NFSS discussion board

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My mistake - it should have said 10am - 2pm :)
I'll have the address from them soon. It is on Phelps Lane behind the school and the pool - very close to where our last seminar was.
Seminar Address

The address for the Annex bldg is
281 Phelps Lane
North Babylon, NY 11703

Use mapquest for exact directions.

The sign up list for this seminar is on the Fishing Seminar Series discussion board. I look forward to seeing many of you there! :)
John Skinner will not be a presenter at this seminar. Last year he was a presenter and gave a great presentation on bucktailing. John will be giving a seminar at the Saltwater Fishing Show being held on March 29th-30th. He will also be giving a seminar at the LI Rec Fishing Expo at Farmingdale State College the last weekend in January. Yes, if there is still room at the end you can walk in.

There will not be any vendors at this event. There will be at our big show March 29th-30th.

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For this event that's it for presenters - we will also be having a hands-on knot tying station.
I'm not sure how many years Ken has been surf fishing - I'm sure it's definitely more than me. I've only been surf fishing hard core for approximately 5 years. Ken will be presenting the majority of the material. Ken has been a surf fishing presenter at Capt Jerry McGrath's Sportfishing on Long Island Class and has been very well received. I was hoping Rich(RichTrox) was going to be able to present but he is unable to do it this go around - we'll have him soon. In the future you will enjoy hearing Rich who brings 35 years of experience to pursuing striped bass from the surf. Rich's incredible knowledge and experience is why I asked him to help out as a surf forum moderator - he knows his stuff and is very articulate. Since Rich couldn't go I was asked by a few people to be a presenter. Hey, there are many more people that could present that are more experienced than me or Ken. We'll be there doing our best and sharing what we know hoping people will walk away with some helpful information. The best part is the people that you meet and get to know. They have a lot to share as well.

Here are a few pics of Ken at a recent seminar he gave for Capt. Jerry McGrath's class...


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