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Newell 338 - F model?

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This message is probably for EC Newell Man... Could you please comment on the old Newell 338 - F series.

Ratio / capacity / internal gears and what's with the all black body?

Thanks! :)

"Crazy" Alberto
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That is a Jigmaster size blackie with 5:1 gears. Sideplates tend to crack and the handle knob is short. Otherwise, has all the good stuff.
J has a stainless top bar in the reel. Makes it a little stronger on the wider spool 300 series reels. The "J" stands for jig, as in, that is what you are throwing. The non-j, topless model is made for fishing live bait, which allows you to leave the reel in freespool and move the spool with your hand to take up slack and give line, without banging your knuckles into the top bar. California tactics.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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