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Took out Big Poppy SOL handle (Ken ) for his maiden voyage in his new Tarpon Friday night.Even though the forecast was terrible I saw a small window unfolding on the doppler rader as I kept a eye on it all day.So I gave him a call and told we were a go.
So took him down to the P Spot .Always a good place to go when the weather is iffy.Made the paddle out to one of my favorite holes and got him trolling along.All of a sudden I here bang bang .I look over and Ken is sitting his yak but I dont see a rod anywhere.Well Ken did not have a chance to put in his regular holder and only had a flush mount type.Luckily I had him tether his rod to the yak before leaving the launch.So he pulls the rod in and lands his first yak bass.It was a great night weather stayed ok even though the wind was screaming most of the night.I ended up with 18 bass 6 going 28-31 inches another 1/2 dozen 22-26 inches and 1 bluefish.It was good to get out since I thought it was going to be a blow out.Had a great time fishing with Ken and I think he is hooked now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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