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I have received a few emails asking me about fishing for stripers, but also wanting to catch a few bluefish at the same time. Of course we use a coffee colored wire leader on our bluefish rigs, but it drastically limits the amount of bass that will take the hook. We try little tricks, such as using thinner gauge wire, or shorter lengths of wire, but thankfully something innovative has come along. A new product is available that requires no crimps, sleeves, wire tying machines or tools to tie. The product is called TYGERLEADER.

TYGERLEADER is a ultra thin, micro braided nylon coated material that was first designed for freshwater fish with teeth, aka the pike and musky. Saltwater fishermen caught on to this product since it required no tools to tie this material into knots!!! As a matter of fact, you can tie any fishing knot with this leader material! It is wire leader material that cannot kink.

It comes in various pound tests from 10-120 lbs, and is available in lengths from 10 through a 100 feet. It is gray in color which makes it compare more closely to stardard monofilament then wire leader material.

I just happened to find a write up of this product in the Pacific Coast Magazine, October issue, and said, this would be perfect for fishermen who want the protection of wire leader material for the toothy bluefish but at the same time, need something that has the 'stealth' of monofilament for the striped bass. Well here is the first product that can possibly do both well. Just from the looks of it, it might make as much as a impact as flurocarbon leader material has in the last few years.

More information can be found online at:

If anyone has used this product, please give a post on how the TYGERLEADER worked or, did not work. But from the looks of it, this product seems like something that we will definitly have in our tackle box.

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