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Head to Demo and bring clambellies, worms, bunker... if you ventture out on the bar (past the rocks) watch for the full moon, and don't get caught out there on high tide.

Are you a member of LIBBA yet? (we're the guys that installed and maintain the air compressor you use to air back up) BTW, if your not airing down, you better stay away from anyone wit a LIBBA plate. Those ripples and rutts in the sand are caused by people that don't air down ;o) Just friendly advise ;o)

Anyway, best of luck out there, your permit gives you access to Gilgo, (down past Cedar marina) and Demo

By the way, the new building that was put up in the Cedar Marina "Sport Fishing Education Center" was also donated to by LIBBA as well as NYFTTA, and others.

I know you had a simple question but it gives me a minute to get you off on the right foot...

BTW, this weekend we will be voleenteering at the NY Sportfishing Federations "Teach a Kid to Fish" seminar at the new Center in the marina.

Well, get those worms and get busy ;o)

See ya out there,
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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