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Hello all, I've been lurking for a long time and finaly joined. I see many names from other boards which is cool. Signed up mostly for this section of jigging.
So my first post I'll say that I just got a new reel and it took lots of thinking to make a decision. I got the Stella 8000, after many sustains and others not lasting up to par. I was going back and forth between Stella, Saltiga, and the ZeeBass. I still will go with the Zeebass for surf, but this reel was decided on to be my versatile reel. I'll be testing it in 10 days on tarpon, loaded with 50lb suffix braid. I liked the line capacity and weight and power ratios more than the Saltiga, and wanted something smoother the zeebaas. I plan to use for big bass on bunkers, little surf, popping BFT's, jigging schoolies, etc. When going to more serious tuna spinner I will really have to weigh out the Saltiga 6500 and stella 20000. I think the ZB will do a great job, and last the longest, but I still think that it was built for the surf fisher, and lacks the smoothness. I do love the double line pick though. That hudge for surfers.
Thanks for reading and I plan to help out and learn from this board. Take Care.
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