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New Newell "P" Series for Cod Fishing????

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I don't own any Newell reels and wonder if the new "P" series is any good for deep water cod fishing. I know that this is a reissue of an old Newell series but can they handle deep water fishing. I am looking at the 400 series. If any one has any experience on these reels for cod please chime in. If these reels are not good for the deep water then I'll end up getting a PG 3500.

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hey ken, sorry i don't have any experience with the p series. You going on walshs next sunday? I guess today's cancellation was a bust. I reschdeuled for 2/17 (president's day).
see ya,
don't get a 3500 ken, go for a 454, unless you want a lot of trouble. Maybe I just suck with tools, or maybe codkiller jinxed my reel when he dealt with it. hmmmm.
i hate u ken , u got 4 pro gears now??? I really need to get a summer job to be able to keep up :). O well. Hopefully I'll get enough money to get another custom composite or even graphite stick next summer. Top work choice so far is fishin finatics. I'm hoping to make a good impression on the relentless, as that would be the ideal job for me. Close to home, easy fishing (trolling for bass and blues) fishing in boston harbor so nobody's pukin' (my main fear of being a mate). We'll see. How much were the pro gears? Off ebay????
See you sunday, weather sounds decent,
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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