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New Newell "P" Series for Cod Fishing????

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I don't own any Newell reels and wonder if the new "P" series is any good for deep water cod fishing. I know that this is a reissue of an old Newell series but can they handle deep water fishing. I am looking at the 400 series. If any one has any experience on these reels for cod please chime in. If these reels are not good for the deep water then I'll end up getting a PG 3500.

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I believe the drag washer sizes change when you get into the 500 series . So the 300 and 400 have the same size drags . Someone correct me If I'm wrong but if this is the case you might just be better off going with the 338 or 332 reels . Slightly lighter and less bulk . Not much more line capacity that would warrent going to the 400 series for that type of Fishing . If more power your looking at then you would have to go to the 500 which is certainly to much reel for what your looking for . Again please correct me If I'm wrong .

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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