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Seems like more and more folks are getting into make-your-own mode when it comes to fishing lures. Everything from pouring their own jigs and soft rubber lures to turning out hand carved plugs. And no wonder, what with some manufacturers pricing their plugs right up around twenty bucks or more. So if you're building your own stuff, or have thought it about it now and then, or just want to see what some others have done, here's your chance.

There's a new Lure Building forum starting up at Noreast (should be up this week) and everyone's welcome to visit. Jerry Vovcsko, aka, Roccus, who writes a column under Massachusetts Updates and can't keep from fiddling with manufacturers' lures - tweaking here, modifying there - along with an engineer and plug-builder who posts in Noreast forums under the handle Gottafly, will moderate the new board. Drop by for a visit. Everyone's welcome. :)

Roccus, aka,
Jerry Vovcsko
East Bridgewater, Ma
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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