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New Jersey Sea bass Regulations

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I read on the Big Jamaica website that Sea Bass fishing is now open all year long. Is that true? Also the the size limit of the fish has been raised to 11.5". Could someone confirm this or let me know where I could get more information regarding this.


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Size 11", Limit 25, Season 5/10-2/29. It's on this site @ fishing Updates
No, the coastwide regulations HAVE been changed by ASMFC/MAFMC to 11.5" minimum size, no closed season.

Of course, it is up to each state to quickly change their own state laws and regulations. New Jersey apparently already has. If there are any states that haven't, I suspect they don't "enforce" their leftover closure regs from 2001.

I'd doublecheck by calling NJ Fish and Wildlife if you are especially concerned, but the coastwide regs are what the Jamaica says they are.
As of Feb 5, 2002. NJ has adopted the new regs.
Thanks for the info. I am going to check the NJ website. I will post when I find the info.
Ok, it's definately official, and on a NJ web site:

For more information contact:
Al Ivany at 609-292-2084
According to the Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife, rules for the recreational harvest of black sea bass in New Jersey waters have changed. The recent modifications are the result of efforts to keep New Jersey in compliance with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's management plan for the species.

"The new rules are aimed at providing adequate protection to black sea bass stocks while at the same time allowing New Jersey's saltwater recreational anglers to participate to the fullest extent possible in the fishery," said Division Director Bob McDowell.

Effective immediately, the recreational size limit for black sea bass has increased from 11" to 11½" with the possession limit remaining at 25 fish. In addition, the previous recreational black sea bass fishing season of May 10 through February 29 has been eliminated so that fishing is now allowed year-round.

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Ya beat me to it! I wonder if New York will follow suit!
Sorry about my entry on 2/19/02, got my info from ************* weekly mag. I'll call them so the post the proper info.
The fishing regulations under"Fishing Updates" on the left of this site needs to be updated.
NANSEA11, Thanks for the heads up.
I passed that fact onto the Boss.
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