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i propose we start a new fiveom for the posts ( like this one) that are too stupid or offensive for any of the other forums. this would also be the place for any posts about strippers.

some other hot topics and endless debates:

does rust sleep?
do fish cry?
do bluefish suffer from high cholesterol?
eels: bait or lures?
is pork rind bait?
which comes first: high tide or low tide?
hookless plugs at lipa?
can we still call it lilco?
are barbless hooks safer for inflatable rafts?
bowhunting trophy stripers in skinny water.
van stahl penn conversion kits.
how to spook fish.
trolling with a flyrod.
best chum: cat food or dog food?

i would consider being the moderator for free, if the pay was steady.


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Very sneaky, Opinari, I don't know who told you how I catch albies, but putting "trolling with a flyrod" on your list (so innocently, like it actually belonged on the new idiot's forum) was a new low for this discussion board. If my senility goes into remission for a few minutes over the next week, I'm gonna try to remember who I told my secret to and roast the bum for letting you know.

PS: It actually doesn't matter how far you let the fly out, the albies actually don't seem that bothered by the engine when they are really running strong.
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