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Ken Daubert of Ocala, Florida has a new book out on kayakfishing, and I think it's really quite good. What's best about it is it's written from the angler's perspective first...this guy knows how to fish, fished lots before he took up kayaking, and talks about the whole shebang: from how to choose a kayak to rig a fishfinder to deal with livewells and really big fish. There's pix of him in there landing black-tip shark in his kayak, fat largemouths, a tarpon as big as he is, and red drum.

He prefers sit-on-tops, yet makes a few nods to the seakayaker crowd as well, or those guys who buy long and fast decked-over boats and who don't mind paddling a few miles offshore to catch fish.

If you want info on how to get the book, drop me a line or else I'll post info here if there's enough interest.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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