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What kind of electronics do you want.

At bare minimum you need a radio and a depthfinder for fishing as well as a good compass. Then you may want to consider a GPS as well.

That is not a great budget, but you can manage with it.

For affordable and reliable depth finder I'd suggest a Lowrance. We have the X85 and are very pleased with it's performance. In my experiences, I'd stay far away from Hummingbird. There's a reason they are that cheap.

A waterproof (submersible) VHF is highly recommended. Icom and Standard both make good ones. They can also be integrated into your GPS to relay your coordinates in distress (As soon as the Coast Guard gets with the times, this will be very helpful)

And GPS we use a Garmin and have not had any problems with it in three years.

The costs go up with features and quality. For instance, our GPS is only a dot on a screen for our boat that leaves tracks and the lat and lon coordinates, not a chart, so you still have to know where you're going.

I am sure some other's here will help with more specifics if you can tell us exactly which electronics you want to buy. There are also many topics in the boating forum and Ask the Pros that will provide you with answers.

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Can't miss list

Congratulations and good luck with the new boat!:)
I don't know what type of fishing and cruisng you may do, but here is a list that is sure to give you a lot of staisfaction, features and reliablity:


I would guess that you are not considering radar at this point. My suggestions would be FURUNO FCV 600L (About $725 w/transducer), ICOM 402 w/DIGITAL 529 8'ANtenna (approx $285,both), GARMIN GPS 182. With chart software and miscellaneous, you might exceed your top end budget by a little, but you won't have any regrets.

My suggestions are just that. There are brands to consider and combinations to determine. I have seen a few but not operated any NAVMAN plotters, but feedback indicates that they are excellent units.

What you want to do, is evaluate your needs and then make a short list of what you like. Got to get out to the dealers and get hands on feel of everything. Don't be afraid to ask questions about pros and cons, etc.

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What are you looking for.

Go to the Nasaau Show and look for NY MARINE ELECTONICS, He is usually in the side hall way off the main floor.
This way you can see them up close and personnel.
Are you going to install them? If so Try They are right in Jersey. If you live in NY you will have them in a day or 2 with just ragular shipping.


Where are you fishing and what are you really interested in.

Radio= 200
Digital Antenna 175

F/F with transome mount transducer. Choose your poision. My choice, Furuno.

GPS ???

The one thing I will say is try to stay away from the combo units. If you lose 1 side you lose both, GPS and F/F combo I am Talking about.


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I have been doing some research on this also. My choices are the ICOM M-402 or ICOM 402S , the difference is the "S" version does not have a command mic option, both have DSC. An antenna for the unit would be an 8 foot Digital 529VW. OK, now to save money and space the Garmin 188C (Combo FF and GPS). Again you could save money by going with the black and white version. Prices??? Here's what I have come up with:
Garmin 188C with the Transom mount dual frequency transducer with temp
1. Consumers: $1078
2. DBMarine: $1123.19
3. Brokenlegdave: $1128
4. GPS Discount: $1129
5. Online Marine: $1139
6. BoatFix: $ 1175.19
7. The gpsstore: $1195
8. Bethel-Marine: $1196
9. Three Rivers: $1200
10. Boaters World: $ 1255
11. Gpssignal: $1300

ICOM M-402
1. Brokenlegdave: $176
2. Three Rivers: $179
3. Bethel-Marine: $182
4. BoatFix: $188
5. Consumers: $200
6. DBMarine: $ 201

1. Consumers: $153
2. BoatFix: $165
3. Bethel-Marine: $165

Digital 529VW
1. Brokenlegdave: 103
2. Bethel-Marine: 108
3. Consumers: $110

Blue Chart MUS004R
1. Brokenlegdave: $122
2. DBMarine:$129
3. Consumers: $131
4. Bethel-Marine:$135

If your going to the Nassau coliseum, maybe we could get a multi purchase discount! Hope this helps!


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One more thing...

Some of the dealers are willing to give you an additional discount if you ask for a "package" deal.

Although seller A might have slightly higher prices on one or 2 items, overall they might give you a better price if you purchase everything from them.

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Dual machines

Boat Guy,

Weigh that decision to get a dual GPS/Fishfinder very carefully. Like Baywatch said, if one unit breaks, they both break. Unless space is that much of a concern, try to get two seperate units.

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from what i hear the navman is an excellent gps you can install a fuel comsumption gauge with this brand and it also comes with a 7 year warranty the other compaines dont offer the most i seen ofered my the others is 3 years thats gotta mean for something the company giving a 7 year warranty

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To stay within budget, I'd go with about this framework:

VHF : $200
VHF Antenna: $50
VHF Antenna mount: $30

GPS : $500
Chart for GPS: $300

Fishfinder: $400 (transducer included)

Compass: $50

total: $1530

You could cut some $$ here and there, I'd forget about radar with that budget.

I've got the Garmin 176 GPS w/ blue-charts, Garmin 240 fishfinder, West Marine/Uniden VHF radio, shakespear 8 foot antenna & a stainless mount for it. For the price range, they are all excellent products.


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Quality vs Price, 7 years warranty?


You can try and save money on the FF, GPS, etc. But when it comes to one item that your life may depend on, don't scrimp on the VHF or antenna. As mentioned, get the highest antenna that you can fit on your boat and think twice about the brand of VHF you buy.

The basics may be the same, but the end results will differ drastically. One of the biggest faults in a VHF is transmitter consistency. In tests done on a lot of the models out there, initial key up wattages were vastly lower than their ratings. And even worse, on continuous key up (longer than 30 seconds as in a distress brodcast) they were dangerously lower. ICOM and STANDARD have been highly rated in these areas, with ICOM getting the nod as the winner.

STRIKERTHREE- WHere did you see 7 years? Never heard of that length of warranty on ANY electronics. As a matter of fact, NAVMAN only warranties the actual unit for 2 years, and stuff like transducers and fuel modules for only 1 ! See:

Warranty - Rest of World
In the event that your NAVMAN product needs service, please contact your local NAVMAN Authorized Distributor.

IMPORTANT: In consideration of this warranty, the original owner (You)
agrees to the following terms and conditions.

General: NAVMAN NZ Ltd (NAVMAN) warrants to you that the accompanying
products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal
use for a period (Warranty Period) of either: (a) 1 year from the date of
purchase; or (b) 2 years from the date of purchase if the warranty
registration form is completed and received by NAVMAN or its authorised
distributors listed below (Authorised Distributors) within 3 months of the
date of purchase.

Exclusion: Speed, Depth, Wind and Fuel Transducers operate in extreme environments and often under conditions beyond the manufacturer's or NAVMAN's control. As such, these transducers are warranted for 1 year against defects in material or workmanship and the Flat Rate After Warranty Service Plan does not apply to these items.

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