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I'd put a post up with parker for the heading

I've never owned one and that's not quite my dream boat (dream is 40+ ft sportfisherman).. but, it's something I really really would like to get into between now and then.

Lots of people are very fond of parker -simple, seaworthy boats - the Deep-V's w/ sport cabin are my favorite. A couple six pack charters in my area use them. They are a fishing boat, simple & rugged.. no bells & whistles..

What I don't like about them is that a tuna door is not available, and a minor issue in that the below deck compartments have plastic hatches that will surely break first season.

What I really like is the bracket engine mount to give you a full open deck. The dual console option (one in and one out) and as far as I know you can get these with whatever engine you choose..

I think Osprey also makes something similar.. might want to look into those as well. As I said, throw up a post on "Parker" you'll get pleanty of replies, definitly a few here who own them.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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