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I do alot of surf fishing using lures,pops,all casting stuf,fishing bass and blues, but I'd never tryed bucktail and the resone is that I don't know what kind of bucktail I can use from surf ? Don't know if I will like it but if you give me some tips I'll defenetly try.

Thanks to all :)

One of the rod I'm planing to use.

TeamDaiwa 8f,reel okuma 4,line PowerPro 30#

GF good fishing to all ;)

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Dont know if your surfcasting or boat.
But my experience is from the surf.
I use 3/4oz to 1oz bucktails white,yellow,black.
I attach a piece of pork grind 7" but cut that in half and attach.
Daytime cast retrieve slow and every 3 or 4 cranks of the reel I sort of snap the rod back. You want a retrieve that you keep the bucktail just off the bottom or otherwise you will snag on rocks an loose your gear.
At night I dont snap the rod back just cast and retrieve keeping it just off the bottom.
Great lure but you have to get a feel for how slow or fast to keep the bucktail of the bottom.
On a boat I imagine you can bounce the bucktail off the bottom. All the depends what kind of structure is underneath you.
I'm no expert but just wanted to let you know my technique.
Hope it helps you out......

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I agree that 3/4-1 oz is a great size, but you're going to have a hard time casting very far with that 30lb line.

Try one of the spro bucktails - they're expensive but they work and look great. Bullet head, open mouth, the ones with the bean-shaped heads, they all work well (bullet is my favorite).

White is probably the best color overall.

there are about amillion ways to retrieve a bucktail, so my advice would be to fish it every way you can imagine - fast, slow, jerky, smooth pulls, steady retrieve - just play around and see what works.

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daShark...these are all good responses for choosing and working a bucktail. And i do agree with Jackson, that Spro bucktails which look incredible and are one of the most highly finished bucktails on the market, have a problem with their hooks sometimes snapping at unexpected times. This is something to consider, but i own a few dozen of the spro lures, and find they are a very effective lure.


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Smiling Bill Bucktails


Smiling Bills are an excellent bucktail and cheap too, about a $1.50 apiece, get them from BassPro or Cabelas or any tackle shop for a bit more. I have a number of them at 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2 and 3 ounces. I most often use an ounce to ounce and a half, but sometimes in a heavy current or deep water, I have to go to the 3 ouncers. I have probably caught about half of my bass, maybe 75 to 100, this year on white smiling bills tipped with a 5 inch red porkrind.

I use them from the boat and surf. Typically from the surf, I'll cast them out and let them sink to the bottom. You'll see the line go limp all of a sudden when it hits. Then I slowly retrieve them with an occasional lift of the rod. It is not necessary to give it a hard lift, just a slight bump. The porkrind gives a little action and helps to keep it up off the bottom and in the strike zone.

Sometimes the fish are not at the bottom though. Then you simply cast the bucktail out and then start retrieving as soon as it hits the water.

From a boat, while drifting, you can use the above methods plus, just letting the lure to the bottom and bounce it along as you drirt.

On the North side of Montauk I have been using down to a 1/2 ounce which is a pain to cast into the Northeast wind but the fish are in close with the NE winds so it doesn't matter. I am also using a fast retrieve so I don't snag bottom. But I am catching fish while those with me are busy retying the rigs that they are loosing to the snags. (Hi dad :) )

Get some white and yellow and maybe a few black bucktails. Don't forget the porkrinds, red, white and/or yellow. Use them together and you won't be disappointed.
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