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I need some info on e-glass or glass comp. blank. This rod is for tog fishing with 6-10 oz 30-40lb PP line.I have a STAR ROD DLX 28X. I like the modorate action of the rod , but hoped for a longer rod (8') and longer butt. The rod has plenty of power and duralblity. Can anyone suggest a one peice blank in either glass or graphite composite blank. I have done some research but have little success in finding a blank with that action & length with glass durablity and light tip for sensativety. Any info would be appreciated.
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Thanks guys , i was looking at the lami and calstar as a choice of rods. I can always custom them to my fitting. Most rods that are over 7' are beef rods and i perfer a softer action for togs since i am using PP line. My specs for an ideal rod for PB tog fishing is 7'6" or longer with at least 18" butt with enough backbone for 6-12 ozs. I've seen a few rods that are custom made i can't remember the blanks they used:mad: , but i'll keep searching or remember the blanks he used. Anyways thanks for the info and have a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEARS!!!!!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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