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I need some info on e-glass or glass comp. blank. This rod is for tog fishing with 6-10 oz 30-40lb PP line.I have a STAR ROD DLX 28X. I like the modorate action of the rod , but hoped for a longer rod (8') and longer butt. The rod has plenty of power and duralblity. Can anyone suggest a one peice blank in either glass or graphite composite blank. I have done some research but have little success in finding a blank with that action & length with glass durablity and light tip for sensativety. Any info would be appreciated.
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E-glass blanks

Check out the e-glass blanks from batson.Captain neil builds on these and probably has them in stock for purchase. SWB80M AND SWB80MH are 8' blanks I have these in 7 footers and have used them both for TOG.The good captain also offers them in his long islander series that is very moderatly priced,You can get any but lenth you like.If you want a graphite a gusa 80 mega mag would work,KING BILLY 40 reccomended this rod to me and many others it has serious power and is light as a feather.

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