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I need some info on e-glass or glass comp. blank. This rod is for tog fishing with 6-10 oz 30-40lb PP line.I have a STAR ROD DLX 28X. I like the modorate action of the rod , but hoped for a longer rod (8') and longer butt. The rod has plenty of power and duralblity. Can anyone suggest a one peice blank in either glass or graphite composite blank. I have done some research but have little success in finding a blank with that action & length with glass durablity and light tip for sensativety. Any info would be appreciated.
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ccfish,did you give calstar a look.. I like the GFX700L for tog fishing you can buy it in a 8' blank GFX800L 8 to 10oz not a problem..For a faster blank you can go with a GF800L..They also make very nice all glass rods..

I have built some lamiglas blanks for tog fishing the BMB963M is one..The tri-flex are nice TXC961M..

If you like soft rods seeker makes good rod blanks..
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