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need rod advise

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I have a Corsair 400A reel sitting on my desk with no rod. I could use some advice on rods to match it. Ideally, something heavy enough to fluke in 80 feet with a lot of lead. (Can that real even handle that?) I'd like to use the same rod and reel for stripers. First, I want to make sure I have a balanced set-up.

Also how would powerpro work (30 - 50lbs test) on the Corsair?

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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Thanks Capt. Neil. I definately have to go non-custom at this point. Thanks for the usuall brand name suggestions, and the advise on bringing the reel to a shop and the offer on the trials!

My other rod is a "Pinacle"(?) graphite 6'6". medium with a spinning real with powerpro. I really like it, for an all around set-up, except when the current is ripping, its a bit light for 8+ oz lead. I'd also like to throw heavier lures - 4oz+.

What size, action, taper should I be looking for? If that Corsair 400A baitcaster is too small, I'd hate to get rid of it, although, its still in the box, so I guess I could return it. :( Also, does anyone have advise on powerpro on this (or any) baitcaster reels? (I'd like to spool with 50# Powerpro, before bringing it rod shopping.)

Thanks Much,

Thanks guys!

I saw a Lamiglas today and was so excited about the rod that I almost bought it without realizing it was a spinning rod (looking for casting...) That was kinda stupid! The second stupid thing was not remembering the model.

Saw some Loomis and St.Croix models, but can't find the right models (or rods close to them). I did get the catalogues. I'm a little hesitant to order without seeing them first.

I did see a nice Star rod and Chaos. How is the quality on these?

PS. Waveguide - Did you mean the MUR786C-JB intead of the "MUR766C-JB ? Also, what would you say is the practical difference between the two...just power?

Guys, thanks a lot for any help!


PSS. If the tip is TOO stiff, how will that affect casting distance?
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I sent you one of those personal messages.
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