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need rod advise

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I have a Corsair 400A reel sitting on my desk with no rod. I could use some advice on rods to match it. Ideally, something heavy enough to fluke in 80 feet with a lot of lead. (Can that real even handle that?) I'd like to use the same rod and reel for stripers. First, I want to make sure I have a balanced set-up.

Also how would powerpro work (30 - 50lbs test) on the Corsair?

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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Hi. Are you interested in a custom rod or a manufactured rod?

Custom? I have a Seeker and a Calstar demo rod that will do exactly what you are looking for. They are available for you to try on the fishing grounds. Call 567-8049.

Manufactured? I would take your reel, spooled up, to your local tackle shops and install it on a rod they suggest.
See how it feels.

I like these store bought rods, Lamiglas, Seeker, Diawa, St Croix and Shakespeare. I'm sure there are others that I am not familiar with.

Capt Neil
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