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Need info on this dory I bought.Help!!

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I bought this big wide and beefy 15' dory. Last owner painted everything duck hunter green including the BIA TAG. Trying to read it for the maximum recommended HP. The first three letters on the TITLE are ENS. Its a 1989. It does have a HIN # imprinted on the transom. From what I can partially make out on the BIA tag, it says something about Ensign Boats , possibly RYE NY. Anybody have info on this company or are familiar with the boat? The original gelcoat color was yellow and has a wood rubrail that was originally stained I believe. Very pointed bow,high sheer,flat bottom. 15" transom. Tiller controlled with foam filled seats. Its a dog with a 9.9 and better with a 20. But it takes that 20 wide open for decent performance. I'm thinking at least a 35 on this.
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We had a 16' jon dory for 18 years that pushed close to 35-mph with a 30-horse Envinrude on it, and later a 30-hp Yamaha. Going that fast in a boat with no keel or strakes could be scary if you hit a wave unexpectedly, or dug in on a turn. A 25-30-hp motor on your 15' dory should be more than sufficient.


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