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I have seen some work that SST has done and just dont like that square stock that he uses.Atlantic and bosch towers as well as pipewelders are all good respectable companies that have been around for a while . You will find that all the good tower makers have moved south to get more boats . IMHO go with the rupp top gun outriggers for your boat and keep them on the top this will keep the walk clear for anyone that has to get on the foredeck.

STAY AWAY FROM TOWER POWER IN N.J. unless you are building a top that costs 80,000 they will treat you like scum .I had a top built there and had a problem with it and had to bring it back to be repaired and they did a make shift job that was highly unsatisfactory. Bad move on my part live and learn. e-mail me if you want to hear the whole story. [email protected]

Good luck ! Capt. Dean on the Quick Release
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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