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Need custom hardtop

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Has anyone had experience with haveing a hard top or t-top made? I spoke with South Shore Custom Towers at the boat show, but would like other options.

Also I would like to incorporate outriggers, what is prefered, Mounted on the hard top? or fold out 3-point style?

I've included a picture of what I'm looking for.It just happens that I came across a guy with the same boat- he had his top done down south somewhere.

Is the plug in?
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check out atlantic towers. i got my t-top from them last year. i'm very impressed w/ it
I have seen some work that SST has done and just dont like that square stock that he uses.Atlantic and bosch towers as well as pipewelders are all good respectable companies that have been around for a while . You will find that all the good tower makers have moved south to get more boats . IMHO go with the rupp top gun outriggers for your boat and keep them on the top this will keep the walk clear for anyone that has to get on the foredeck.

STAY AWAY FROM TOWER POWER IN N.J. unless you are building a top that costs 80,000 they will treat you like scum .I had a top built there and had a problem with it and had to bring it back to be repaired and they did a make shift job that was highly unsatisfactory. Bad move on my part live and learn. e-mail me if you want to hear the whole story. [email protected]

Good luck ! Capt. Dean on the Quick Release
Atlantic so far does seem to be the way to go. SST uses a lexan top...I don't like it. My concern is I want the top to look like it belongs on the boat, not a generic fit-all style. I thought of making my own fiberglass top with radio box,lighting and storage.Then just have someone do the pipework.

Is the plug in?
I don't think this is what you had in mind, but I had a hardtop made to replace the softtop that came with my tower. I had all the pipe work in place and just had someone fabricate the fiberglass top to fit it.

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