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Need input on best option for fluking and sea bass rod for fishing in the bays for Fluke and out to 60'-80'for early season sea bass.3-6 0z. sinkers,fishing bait.Something suitable for drifting Sandy Hook for fluke and the outsides for biscuits on party boats in the early season.Plan on pairing it up with a Daiwa Luna 300 or Garcia 7000.

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Seeker BCBW658 (6.5') or BCBW708 would work fine...

I would suggest the Shimano CPCMF70MH out of their "Muskie" series to be as good or better a choice - for about half the money. I own this rod and beleive me, its a great stick.

The problem here is that Bay fluking usually calls for much less rod than partyboat C-bassing. But you suggest that you intend to use sinkers up to 6 oz - so I recommend you take a peek at the rods mentioned, with particular emphasis on that Shimano.

Oh, if your feeling bucks-up, then the Loomis Pro Blue PBR843 is a lovely choice, or for a heavier "magnum" version, the PBR844.

best, Lep
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