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Need advice from you islanders....

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I'm new to boatin in general, and wanna take my girl across our pond to Port Jefferson. I figure this would be a good place to start. But I need a cheap transient slip overnight, and a few (safe) spots where I can throw some plugs. Also, some cool stuff to do with girlie for our first trip to Port Jeff.

Any reccomendations fellas?

I'm leaving from staven, CT so It should be a quick jump across.


Your Buddy,
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Nice of you to help him out roccus! Dont worry about being a ranger fan and all, nobody's perfect! LOL I hate to say it but you guys are gonna be better off without JAGR(i even hate the name,CRY BABY)! Good Luck and see you in the fall!
By the way that's a sweet pic of the triangle of death!

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