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Navigation question?

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I am new to the forum and hope I'm posting in the correct place. In the beginning of April my father and I will be running his boat from lindenhurst ny to howard beach ny staying inside most of the way. Was hoping for any info on the route (Such as new obstructions, quickest, fuel docks, pirates jk etc.) also any recommendations on inlets jones or east rockaway ( best tides, weather (ie stay away if NE wind) new obstruction etc.)
The boat is a 24 ft osprey 81/2 ft beam 150gal fuel single I/o. I would appreciate any info especially about pirates :eek:. Thank you for your help in advance.
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Yeah we're going to try to wait for ideal weather. Thank you for your help. Would you have any idea on approx travel time cruising is 22-25 kts. ?
You're not going to be able to cruise at 22-25 knots if you stay inside.
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