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I've found some nicely priced gear at the Lindenhurst show last month( new freshwater ultralight reel)
and also bought a nice reel from the "for sale" section of this board(lightly used salt spinning reel).

To me buying used is not a bad way to perhaps get gear that is otherwise not affordable.
I'm am in desperate need of gear upgrading after having been away from fishing these last 10-12 years.(house/kids etc!!!)My stuff is old and worn out...........but with sites like this I've learned a tremendous in a short period of time.

I'm rambling on ?
Cabin fever has set in :)

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wackey..............was it that bad?

I'll be headed to the freeport show('s only 3-4 minutes away:) ) and think I'll skip this weekends show.
I always get pissed at the Coliseum parking fee etc !!!!
Theyu getcha b4 you even get to the door!

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Check out the first vendor listed under "E". Ummm, OK :)

4 Star Creations
Affordable Adventures
All About Eyes
Alpine Wildlife Art
American Marine
American Outdoor Sports, Inc.
American Traders
Arrow Engineering Products
B-Fast Charters
Barry?s Buckles and Belts
Bear Brook Outfitters
Bear Paw Lodge Cooper?s Landing
Bear Valley Outfitters
Birds of Prey
Birds Unlimited
Boats For Sale
Bondu Log Homes
British Virgin Islands Tourist Dept.
Brooklyn Honda Cycles
Bullseye Outfitters
Canoose Camps
Cape May Co. NJ Dept. of Tourism
Capt. Dane Solomon?s LI Fishing Camp
Captains Mariners Seafood
Captree Boatmen?s Association
Carbone?s Enterprises
Carver?s Spinners
Chaos Rods
Close Call
Coastal Conservation Association
Cold Spring Harbor
Cousins Paintball Sports
Cyphen Sportswear
Delaware Furs Corp.
Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Ducks Unlimited
ESPN Radio 1050 AM
Excalibur Extravaganza
Fernleigh Lodge
Fins to Feathers, Ltd.
Fish Tale
Fisherman Magazine (The)
Fishing Line (The)
Five Star Cutlery
Five Star Spas
GiGi Enterprises
Gone Fishing Guide Service
Great Oak Marine
Health Craft Show
Heidi Joe?s Jerky
Heitman?s Bavarian Nuts
Helen H Deep Sea Fishing
Hempstead Outdoor - Tent City
Hi Hook Great Bay Marine
Hills Twin Spruce Lodge
Hobby World Development, Inc.
Hunter Marine Sales, Inc.
Hunter Sports
Hunters Trax - Africa
Insight Group (the Clip - on Guys)
Interesting Items
International Housewares, Inc.
Island Point Lodge
J & H Outlets, Inc.
J & J Sports
J & K Products
Jensen Marine
Jim Grandt Rods
L.I. Flyrodders
Leeward Cove Marina
LI Convention & Visitors Bureau
LI Sports Commission
Lindenhurst Bait and Tackle
L.I. Beach Buggy Association, Inc
Loon Lake Lodge
Marine Dog
Marine Publishing (Boats for Sale)
Marriott Vacations
MM Tackle & Bait
Modell?s Sporting Goods
Montauk Surfcasters Association
Mr. B?s Bait and Tackle
Muscle Boats
Nature Craft
Natures Way
Neves Taxidermy Inc.
New Suffolk Shipyard
New York Bowhunters
NY Fishing Tackle Trade Assoc., Inc.
New York Sportfishing Federation

North Fork Captains Association
North Shore Motocross
Northern Outdoors
NY Sportscene Magazine
NYS Sportsman Education Foundation
Oceanside Products
Odie?s Antler Display
Offshore Sports Fishing
Old Salt
Outback Outfitters
Palmers Global Magnet Therapy
Pat?s Fudge and Crafts
Petri-Fish Tackle Co., Inc.
Pheasant Run Sportsman?s Club
Premier Nut?s and Such
Professional Planners Group
Puzzle Vehicle
Radtke?s Bait Company
Rafter W Ranches
Ray Roberts Limited
RPM Marine
RVM Promotions
Safari Nordic
Sea Otter Fishing
Shinne**** Star
Shots Galore
Smiths Smoke House
Sound Dimensions
Sportsman?s Safaris
Stanchfield Farms
Steve?s Marine
Sun Court Enterprises
Sunset Ridge Outfitters
T & T Gunnery
TAG Motors
The Outdoorsman
Tioga Hunting
Toothpicks and Broomsticks
Trout Pond
True World Marine
Twin Vee Marine
Uncle Mikes Foods
United Brochure Distributors
Van Staal Custom Rods
Vezco Corporation
WBAB Radio 102.3
White Feather Lodge
White Water Marine
Wildlife Creations
Wind River Outfitters
Youngs Fashion

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Waste of time and money. Even good vendors like J&H and Lindenhirst B&T drag out the real crap they can't give away to their regulars, and unload it as "show specials".

Of course, you could always go and line up to kiss Rich Johnson's ring. Last year, I was trying to have a nice talk with Bill Wetzel at his booth and that other yutz was assaulting my eardrums with his freakin' loudspeaker system.

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went Thursday night. Chuck of Causeway and his seminar was excellent. Couldn't buy ammunition. Couldn't buy magazines (rifle.) Hunting? bah! -its just a bunch of lodge owners hawking their cabins. No boating supplies whatsoever, ended up going to Boaters World today. Did buy some bucktails and teasers, a 3 dollar pepsi and a 4 dollar hot dog. Had gone last about 8 years ago. Look for me there again in 2011. My mortgage will be paid off but I might be retired, so I will be the old guy walkin in from the pike!

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My honest opinion is that it wasn't as bad as previous years.Yes,there is alot of hunting stuff but there was more fishing stuff this year than in past years.There was a few nice booths setup with offshore equipment like Chaos and tons of inshore stuff too.Capt neil is set up there selling raffles,stop by and support the cause.

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Terrible Disappointment

This was my first time at this show and I couldn't wait to get there on Thursday after work. Walked around the place four times-kept thinking I was missing things-I wasn't! Six dollars to park, ten to get in and a $3.50 soda. I saw a fishing cap I bought at J&H two weeks ago for $11- for the show they were selling it for $12- what a bargain! Hooks and plastics I can buy right in the B&T. Bought a water cooler system, some beef jerky and salsa for the ride home(just kidding). Called my buddy on Friday morning,was planning on going on Saturday, told him to stay home and keep warm. I hope the Freeport show will be better.

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