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Now that I have your attention.

Capt Barb of Luv to fish Charters is having a FREE, as in no cost to you, seminar at West Marine in Port Jefferson Saturday March 8th at 3:00. Give them a shout at 631-331-9280 to reserve a seat or you can send her a pm and she will take care of it. This is a free seminar and someone will be going home with a free trip aboard Luv2Fish.

Topics covered will be"

Finding and harvesting your own bait.

Fluking the flats

Bassing in "skinny water"

Getting the kids involved

Lastly, your not alone with your addiction to fishing...

Even if you dont like fishing, it beats watching Golf or preseason baseball!!!

This Seminar, along with a proper diet and exercise, also helps reduce the risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and Male pattern baldness.*


Sign up now!!!!!!! Dont miss out on this unique oppurtunity to meet a Female captain who doesnt resemble the Lead in Orca the Killer whale!

*Pending Approval of the FDA, which I was told will happen when **** freezes over.

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Wow now this is a funny thread.

Free seminar in the nude??? LMAO, it wouldn't be free, I would have to pay YOU....

Naked woman and beer??? Across the street at that Mexican place. Lot's of Beer, not sure if there gonna be naked though.

Thanks DC for your ever catchy thread...;)

I just added one more seminar and that's it, I'm done with seminars for the season, will be to busy fishing.

So here is the recap.

March 8th 3:00 - West Marine Port Jeff
April 5th 10:00 - Port of Egypt Southold
April 19th 1:00 - Stonybrook Yacht Club (also a flea market)
Arpil 26th 9:00 - Port of Egypt Southold "Woman Making Waves" for the ladies only.
May 8th - Freeport Tuna Club
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