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N.C. Bass Slaughter

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Just read an article by Al Ristori about a disgraceful dumping of stripers off the N.C. coast. The commercial trawlers going thru their fish to maxinize the 100 fish quota and killing and dumping the overage. These fish are the stock that winter off shore and are the spawners for the coming spring. Until this info get out to the general public it is not going the help the fisherman. Lou
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I don't think it's even illegal

All those fish they hauled in to pick through were dead either way. Even if they took the first ones they grabbed. It's a disgusting waste of the resource, that should be figured into their annual quota. Make them keep and let them sell every thing they kill and only allow them to catch a specific weight of fish for the entire season.

Last year Maryland commercial fisherman allegedly did the same thing, and grossly surpassed their annual quota, which they are supposed to be paying back this season. Maybe that will happen here as well.
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