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My favorite poper does the job .........

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You go for stripe or blue or alby or bonito or whatever, you name and you bring litle thing with you, it is PoPer.
There are alot of diferent popers on a market. Some of them are -->
Top Dog Pup:Owner Gobo Popper Lure:Rebel Pro Pop-R Lure:Yo-Zuri Pop'n Splash Lure:Yo-Zuri Mag Popper Lure:Hab's Poppers:Arbogast Hula Popper:Berkley Frenzy Popper:Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper:Excalibur Saltwater Super Pop-R Lure:Jensen P.J. Pop:
Some you made by yourself.

My question is

What is yor favorite PoPeR and why ?

GF to All :0)
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From Maine to North Carolina, and even further south this is one lure, that you can cast, easy to work, and catches fish. You ask the guides in the Chesapeake what they grab, and its a Mirror Lure, with the TOP DOG, the king of the hill.

Second choice, Yo Zori mag popper in sardine....good back bays lure on Long Island, but you always worry about a bluefish chopping these 13 dollar lure off your line.

Gibbs 'red and white' (wood only) which was the classic standard around here for trophy bass, gets a special mention. I have a bunch of these down my basement that i will not use now, since the above two mentioned lures work well in our waters. But this lure took a number of big fish over the years, and was the favorite next to the bunker spoon for catching large bass.

Hopefully some of the surf guys can give you a more detailed answer to this question.

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