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I caught this bass yesterday. I cannot believed it is the same bass I let go last fall. The fish was caught in the surf around K-Mart in Bay Parkway, Brooklyn. Did anyone caught this fish before? This striper was a short last fall and now it is a keeper. I let it go again. :)

The bass measured 29" and 32" when measured if it was straight. The tail is crooked and the stripes on the body is not straight. If anyone caught this fish in the surf, let me know or if you have caught this fish and took a pic, can you share that too.

Would releasing this deformed bass, help continue to make more deformed striper in the future? Yes. Should I have killed this bass? No. I took marine biology in high school and I was a 98 in the class. I still remembered that fish do mate and the genes do get passed on to the future generations. Stripers passed half of their genes like human to the children or in this case, to their offsprings. There is a good chance the future will be carriers not likely going to have the deformed characteristics unless they in-breed.

If you catch this fish, take a photo. We can determine how far this fish travel for food.
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