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must read (for some of us anyway)

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Not a matter of "picking apart" Bob, it's a matter of really listening to what he says. Statements about "what WILL make this country great" is what shows his real feelings about America. I don't think "America COULD BE the greatest country God ever gave man". I think it "IS the greatest country God ever gave man". Even with all her faults. THAT's the difference!
likeitreallyis wrote:
semantics. Tomato tamato...
No it's not. It's Freudian.

A) Johny, stop that! You are a Bad Boy!!

B) Johnny, Don't do that, that's bad!!

In example A - You, the father, tell Johnny that HE, as a person, is "bad".

In example B - You, the father, have told Johnny not to do something because IT, NOT HE, is bad.

If you think that's semantics, fine. Go talk to a psychologist and see what they think the difference it in Johnny's mind.

As with much of what come from the left, if you listen closely, the "truth" slips through the cracks on occasion.
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likeitreallyis wrote:
Scott we've played that to death.. they have 70 million square miles they are allowed to drill, that has oil, but they are holding out so they can drill right off the beach to save some money. Gimme a break.

Saudi's again said today, no shortage, all contracts filled, no need to pump up production.. why wouldn't they pump up production if it meant more money for them?

They blame speculators. Speculators write nice articles for you to post in discussion boards blaming supply and demand...
See Bob, you really have an issue following along. Since we had just been discussing Obamas choice of words and how it belied his true feelings if you listen closely, I posted the video NOT regarding OIL Prices, but rather to show how Maxine Waters, A leftist, slipped up while railing against the eeeeeeeeeevil oil exects and used the word "socialized". Then, being a good liberal, she caught herself and tried to back out of it. Here, watch it again. Maybe turn the sound off in the beginning so you don't get hung up on the oil exec again, then turn it up once Waters shows up on the screen..

Are you really are so blinded by hate of oil you can't even see something as blatant as that. That would be sad Bob, very sad. But, it's great for Obama, because that's what he & the Democrats have been working on! Keep people broke and pissed, then manipulate them with empty promises. Maybe they can use you as a case study in the effectiveness of their tactics.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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