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The attack has started, the freaks, commies and vegans are after fishing business. they want you tackle and your kids minds.

my question to members is what the **** should we do? get agressive? boycott onions? send emails? bow under there threats? join them?

i was out yesterday and baggged about 15 ****tail blues that were feeding on peanut bunker.

now what i seen yesterday for instance was about 1000 ****tail blues mugging a school of 600,000 little peanut bunker. every blue we boated puked about 20-50 inch long peanut bunker(bait fish) on the deck, already ded and chewed up. we threw the live blues back as chatch and release, and the puked up peanut bunket was kicked into the gunwale.

so i figure i saved the lives of countless little peanut bunker by screwing with these mean blues. even though the blues were catched and released, we certainly due to lip injury from hooks, time spent fighting fish when they could not feed, and the fact that i throw them back on the oppisite side of the boat so they are disorented and get lost

all this stuff to the agressive and mean bluefish surely helped save many , many more peanut bunker lives. am i a good soul for helping out the peanuts or am i bad for catching and throwing back blues? or even i i kept them and ate em up?

so i catched and released 15 blues causeing minor lip injuries to 3 or 4 in the lip area, but saved 100 lives of leanut bunker...

am i bad man?


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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