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This was sent to me to fill out from one of the professors in the NH Sea Grant program. I will try to post it here in case anyone is interested in the idea of MPS'a coming to the Northeast. If anyone has an opinion lets hear it, you can also fill the survey out and
fowward it to me or directly to the proffessor at the contact point below....I can also e-mail the word doc to anybody that PM's me their e-mail address.....Bob

Kate Donahue
Professor, Anthropology
MSC 39
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH 03264

NH Sea Grant Interview Protocol

Contact information:

o What type of work do you do?
o Public,
o Federal
o State
o Town
o Fish Cooperative

o Private
o Commercial fishing
o Sport fisherman/Angler
o Whale watch/tourism
o Research or advocacy group: which?

o (position title):

o What in your opinion, is the best definition of a marine protected area?

o What do you think are the most important current MPA issues?

o Cons

o Pros

o What is the appropriate level for MPA establishment ? state, regional, or federal? and why do you think so?

o How should MPAs balance protection with other uses such as fishing, angling, whalewatching?

o What experience have you had with marine protected areas?

o Have you participated in the development of marine policy?

oIf so ? how/when


o Have you had to work with policy-makers?

o Have you been involved in any MPA related public involvement processes in the past?

o How were you involved in that process?

o What is your opinion of it?

o Why?

o Perceptions of

o Whether the process was understood by those involved.

o Representation and empowerment through the representation and involvement of local people in decision making

? were their perspectives valued/respected

o The communications across groups involved in the process (Do scientists, managers, and marine users have ?strong lines of communication??)

oEquity in the allocation of socioeconomic benefits and resources from creating the MPA

oHow conflicts were resolved in the process

?Was science and technology the bottom line, the deciding factor?

oThe knowledge of the environmental system used in the decision making process.

o Whether the process was leading to effective biodiversity and
species protection.

oWhether ?sustainable utilization of resources? was a goal in the process.

oHow could the public involvement process be improved to address the points above (may arise in previous discussion)?

oOpinions about the effects of past involvement

oPerceptions of the potential establishment of a national MPA system.

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Thanks for posting, codkiller. MPAs are BAD NEWS. Hopefully we can fight and keep them out of New England.

Do you happen to have an email address for that person? Or perhaps a fax number? I would love to let them know how I feel about these things. Hopefully others here will do the same. MPAs will KILL the fishing industry here.

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I will PM you her e-mail when I get back at my home computer. As for the MPA's I admit to being uninformed, please enlighten us all
if you have the time.


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WQe already have an MPA here 2fin.....

twofinbluna wrote:
and keep them out of New England.

. MPAs will KILL the fishing industry here.

We call it "the cod conservation zone"

An area where noone may be present with any gear capable of catching a codfish (IOW, you cannot fish for anything there, period).....hmmm, sure sounds like an MPA to me.

You can't even jig for mackerel, even though we somehow manage to catch 3 million pounds of mac's recreationally, right here in good ol' MA.;)
(according to fed catch data)
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