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Mount Desert Island Boatworks contact info

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Any one know how to get in touch with MDI? I've got the number that's been posted on the web, but it goes to a answering machine that doesn't have any info on it. I've left a couple of messages over the last couple of weeks and have not gotten any replies.

If anyone has any ideas I'd apprecieate it.


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I'm glad to know he's recovering and is still in business.

My father has a hull he built up and i just rode on one of his 32' hulls and really liked it. I'm considering a couple of different hulls and would like to get some drawings of the 32.

I've never spoken to him, does it pay to keep calling, or will he likely get back to me when he's able. I don't want to be a pain it the a**.


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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