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motor overheating

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new boat has an 89' merc 470, with a FWC system. while running today, engine overheated since i wasent paying attention to my guages
boat overheated pretty **** bad, smoking to holy **** and spewing anti0freeze to the bilge. if you were in jones this morning, i was the idiot with the smoke pouring from my engine, and doing the tow-of-shame back home.

ive ran the boat 4x prior to this, and quite hard in thursdays weather with no issue. only difference is today, since i left on dead low tide, i only have about 3.3ft in my canal, and i got a bit too close to the edge and was kicking up some nasty black muck. (had no choice, was a bulk-head barge parked in canal)

im assuming i have some sort of restriction of water flow somewhere now? but where do i start looking, and could me kicking up muck have caused it?? i would think so since i had no issues prior to this running the engine in water, or out with ears.
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Start at the sea **** and work your way through the engine all the way to the risers. Could be anything, but most probably the risers. Hope you didn't warp the head.
newbie wrote:
ok, problem is, what am i looking for??

almost 500 posts later, ya should remember me as being mechanically illiterate by now mike
i try and learn to fix my boat through posts on nor'east

Hey this is pretty simple stuff.
Just take off each piece that the raw water runs through and make sure that water will run through it. If everything on the raw water side is O.K. then do the same thing on the antifreeze side. Something has to be clogged up and preventing your colling system from working properly. I'd bet its on the raw water side. Also check the impeller in the water pump, it may not have caused the problem but it may have burnt up when you overheated.
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