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motor overheating

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new boat has an 89' merc 470, with a FWC system. while running today, engine overheated since i wasent paying attention to my guages
boat overheated pretty **** bad, smoking to holy **** and spewing anti0freeze to the bilge. if you were in jones this morning, i was the idiot with the smoke pouring from my engine, and doing the tow-of-shame back home.

ive ran the boat 4x prior to this, and quite hard in thursdays weather with no issue. only difference is today, since i left on dead low tide, i only have about 3.3ft in my canal, and i got a bit too close to the edge and was kicking up some nasty black muck. (had no choice, was a bulk-head barge parked in canal)

im assuming i have some sort of restriction of water flow somewhere now? but where do i start looking, and could me kicking up muck have caused it?? i would think so since i had no issues prior to this running the engine in water, or out with ears.
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The soft black mud is usually harmless to the water pump impellor, hard to avoid on the south shore in creeks 100% and most of it is just the result of prop turbulance and not getting sucked in if you are careful and taking your time. A little bit sucked in will flush right through and out the system.

But you must have done a "real good job" to overheat like that. A little overheating and I would say to just check and trace out the normal flow path of the cooling water and it is easy to find the problem.

I gotta tell ya the anti freeze in the bilge does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. You hurt it. Gonna cost ya. Your own fault.

You go through a lot of boats.

Next time tilt up as high as you can without causing undue/unwelcome vibration from the u-joints and just pop it in and out of gear intermittently to keep moving forward. You won't suck up so much sand/mud this way. And then WATCH YOUR GAUGES and make sure everything is all right when you know you were in very shallow water and kicking up mud.
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