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moriches inlet

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how does moriches inlet compare to jones inlet. Is it easier to run, calmer? how does the fishing in moriches area (inshore and offshore compare to the west?(jones inlet(offshore and inshore?. I am thinking of moving my boat from freeport to center moriches, and not familar with this area.
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I have never been through Jones Inlet, but Moriches Inlet can be very rough, and I am positive it is not as "comfortable" as J.I. Moriches Inlet is not even recognized as an official inlet. It is not bouyed by the Coast Guard. The bouys that run in Moriches Bay are set up from Fire Island Inlet. The inlet has a bar that runs almost all the way across it's mouth. It is also a shallow bay with narrow channels.

But the fishing in Moriches is great, inshore and offshore. We mainly fish out of Fire Island Inlet but whenever we can, we go out of Moriches. The bay is flushed more than F.I. Inlet and the water is usually cleaner. There are also a few wrecks and reefs within easy reach and the water gets deeper faster than the West.

While the inlet and bay may not be as easy as others, once you learn it, it is worth it. The best way to go out of the inlet is, once you clear the jetties, head east paralleling the beach. Once you pass the bar and the breakers, it is clear sailing. Check out a chart or to see what the area is like.
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I've only fished Moriches a few times but here's what I experienced. The deep water is on the sides as you approach. There is a big sandbar across the center at the mouth. You have to hug the jetties & I think the west one has the deepest water. If I'm right there is a 40 foot hole off the west jetty. Jone's is far bettre navigating and much wider. I would think that it would get pretty nasty with wind against tide.

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Doughboy, I too was interested to the replys to this topic, thanks for chiming in. Mapquest didnt even show an inlet in CM { & couldnt download the Airel photos}. I know you werent implying that JI is always easy but sometimes it can be HAIRY, from sandbars to big breakers, to low water. Ive seen them pitchpole, Ive seen them get sideways. Can you drive to CM inlet to check it out? or is it part of the FI national park there, Where else can I find a map of this inlet?


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Moriches Inlet can be very dangerous. In 2000, there were a few guys who were lost when there boat capsized. What the two previous posts said are correct. You have to run the beach to find a hole to sneak out of. But as far as the fishing goes, it's phenomenal. The bay has great flounder, fluke, stripers, blue and weakfish. Just outside is the moriches reef, which is loaded with fish and doesn't get pounded like the Hempstead or Atlantic beach reefs. And if you are into shark or tuna fishing, the 20 and 30 fathom curves are closer to shore that they are further west.

Moriches Inlet is not in Center Moriches. It is in East Moriches. I checked Mapquest last night and the inlet is shown on there. It is South of the CG station. If you are interested in checking aeiral photos of the place, or anywhere else in NY state, go to

If you need help figuring out how to use the site e-mail me and I will explain it. I use it all the time to find hunting spots.

You can also drive to the inlet if you like. It is at the East end of Smith Point County Park. A long ride down the beach. Or, the West end of Cupsogue County Park, shorter beach ride but much longer ride out to West Hampton. Either way you will need the county beach permit.

The deeper water is pretty much down the middle. There is a deep hole off the end of the West jetty and a shallow bar along the East jetty. If I am going outside, I just stay in the middle till clearing the jetties and then turn to the east and literally parallel the beach.

All of the inlets can have their hairy moments. It is just the nature of the beast when you have all that water flooding through the little gap in the land. They all need to be carefully navigated and always be weary on an ebb tide with a wind going against it. I am postive that Moriches is one of the trickyest around here. I have never been through J.I. so I can't compare it to F.I. I have also seen boats get caught in breakers in F.I.
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Here is a Nav chart
and here's an aerial.

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Sorry, that first one was a little big.

I fish both inlets (Jones on my boat, Moriches on a friend's). Take Jones, extend the West Bar across to the east jetty, and you have Moriches. Jones you pound out to J1 before bailing, Moriches you take one look at the breakers and know immediately. The clarity of the water in Moriches is amazing - 7-8 feet and you can see bass chasing fluke along the bottom. Very cool.
Great marinas up in some of the creeks - Sennix is very nice.
Overall I would say Moriches is significantly worse than Jones - and you don't have the luxury of ducking into Debs it it gets hairy on the way home...
It's pretty hairy in the summer (BTW, the CG considers it un-navigable). Primetime hours often also find the inlet choked with anchored boats and many seem to feel that cruising speed within 20' of your craft is OK. Few seem to slow down as they approach and there's always a lot of traffic. As always, wind against the tide produces heavy standing waves. I'd recommend fishing it a few times before you move your boat there.

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thanks for the maps, this morn. 12:30 am while waiting for my train in Penn I checked it on a huge map they have there in the west corridor.
I guess youve got to really know that one well before taking it on. The Coast Guard must keep busy around that area too. Everyone who's fished that area agrees that the fishing is great , water more clear, must be a real treat for the JI anglers to fish out east more, I know that my favorite place to cruise & take in the nature is west of Zachs on the State Channel. The Moriches area must be 10 X better,Im gonna do it this year.

You are right. You do need to know the area well. Best way would be to go out with someone who knows the area. However, I am sure you would be fine out there on your own. All you really have to do is take your time, pay close attention to your charts, and most of all, follow the locals carefully.

I would suggest, heading out there on nice calm weekday, so the traffic is light and you can take your time. I don't know what kind of boat you have, obviously a smaller boat would help. Once you get a handle on the bay and inlet while it is nice, visit the inlet on a rougher day. You will see the break and the holes I have spoke of.

Since you are not a Brookhaven resident, you would have to launch from the Smith Point Marina, County Permit required, and make the approximately four mile run down the bay to the inlet. As you can see, the bay is bouyed but unfortunately, the cuts to the inlet aren't. This is where the charts and local knowledge come in most of all.

The fishing is worth it.

Anything else I can do to help send me an e-mail.
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