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OK, its been awhile since any of us have been out on the reservoirs so its probally timely to get a checklist ready so you don't forget anything.

Heres the one my club uses, its pretty much a list of things we have forgotten over the years. Feel free to copy and print this for your own use. Some items may apply to you or not, and add whatever you may need.

Freshwater Fishing Checklist

Fishing Equipment

 rods/reels
 bait bucket/top
 aerator
 rag

Boat Equipment

 stringer
 boat plugs
 anchor bucket/anchor/rope
 wood blocks/rod holders
 oars/wd40
 boat keys
 net


 license/reservoir permit/boat permit/fish sizes/limits/directions


 pliers
 glow sticks
 electrical tape
 sinkers
 swivels
 hooks
 scale
 tape
 knife


 nylon t-shirt
 nylon pants
 2 pair socks
 sock liners
 boots
 hat
 long underwear top & bottom
 rain coat/rain pants
 overshirt
 gloves
 sweater
 underwear


 wallet/$
 car keys
 watch
 bug sun
 cigarettes
 lighter
 camera/film
 glasses/clip-ons/leash

Cooler - Food

 ice
 drinks
 sandwiches
 snacks
 thermos


 sleeping bag
 fuel
 oil
 windshield wipers

To Do

 check weather and astrological data
 set alarm clock
 buy bait
 fuel car

That about covers that, Now we do have a delema in the lower reservoirs. Almost all of the bait shops are gone. Bobs is still open and there's Bobcats up in Carmel. Davis, Matts, and O&B are all on the otherside of the river, but still open. Don't forget about Croton Bait and Tackle, yea, its just a tiny little place, but she usually will have shiners and other tackle you'll need.

I am sure some of us are going to find out that our lovley boat is no longer as waterproof as it once was. Hints on fixing leaks are worth the weight in gold. I use JB weld for seam and rivit leaks. Its a two part mixture that needs overnight to dry, but once dry, it'll outlast the boat. Some of my boats had leaky plugs. I make a metal plug and permanetly plug the boat using JB weld. Another good patching medium is Liquid Nails. I use a tube of this to fix large areas, seam splits, or a row of leaky rivits.


Change that old mono out, grease those reels, get the batterys charged and cameras loaded. ANOTHER RESERVOIR SEASON IS UPON US!!!!

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Great List Crash. But you forgot to add the U-Haul truck to put all that stuff in! One shortcut I've done is to lock my anchor to the chain for my boat. Last time I saw my boat on Kensico there was a widowmaker tree hanging over it, luckily there was no snow or ice to speak of this winter to weigh it down and crush my boat. I sent my application in so early I was given permit #71. Let's get 'em!
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