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Crazy "King of the Carp" Al...

Carp are on right now, seems to be the hot "trend" of late. ;) hehehehehe...

East huh Al? Wish I could, I'm starting to like out east. ;) Nope, Glenida for me this weekend my friend.

Man I gotta scan that one pic in, huh Al?..."da momma" of all carp. :)


Yeah, It looks like you and me for the "Planning Commitee", Sound good? ;)

We can pick whatever day and a place we want then!

Hows Rockland Lake on June 29th sound? Thats the Free Fishing Weekend in NY, and the park will be renting boats. Gotta start early though cause the morning bite is best and as hot as it was last year when I went, it can get uncomfortable out there around the afternoon.

You in too Al?

Yeah I like the new picture stuff, hehehehe
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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