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More Pics!

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Carp anyone??


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Got Ice?

Hey should reconize this place...


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Hey crash...I see you've been having fun posting pics here and in the other post...haven't you? ;) LOL!
Can't wait to get out there and meet some of you guys soon. Any word on the trip that we're going to set up? Is it going to be on the free fishing day or what?
~tight lines~

Could you please retract those pictures…? It's hurting my eyes. (…eh…eh…)

Anyway… I went to Conny today and I could swear that the fish were calling for you. :)

Just wondering… Whatchadoing this Sunday? I am going EAST for some light tackle carping! ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
Crazy "King of the Carp" Al...

Carp are on right now, seems to be the hot "trend" of late. ;) hehehehehe...

East huh Al? Wish I could, I'm starting to like out east. ;) Nope, Glenida for me this weekend my friend.

Man I gotta scan that one pic in, huh Al?..."da momma" of all carp. :)


Yeah, It looks like you and me for the "Planning Commitee", Sound good? ;)

We can pick whatever day and a place we want then!

Hows Rockland Lake on June 29th sound? Thats the Free Fishing Weekend in NY, and the park will be renting boats. Gotta start early though cause the morning bite is best and as hot as it was last year when I went, it can get uncomfortable out there around the afternoon.

You in too Al?

Yeah I like the new picture stuff, hehehehe
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Crash wrote:
Hows Rockland Lake on June 29th sound? Thats the Free Fishing Weekend in NY, and the park will be renting boats. ...You in too Al?

Hi Crash,
That's a great time to fish Rockland lake! I like to go... But I am already scheduled to fish Canada! :(

BTW: Nice Cover! :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
Hey Crash I hear ya

Cross river ,,,,,,nice fish

Gonna post some pics when i figure it out hahahah
keep castin,
Hey crash...sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I was gone for the weekend on a cod trip up in Mass. Anyway, it sounds good to me. I've never been up to rockland lake, but hey...if it's h2o, I can catch fish from You mention about boat rentals. Do they also allow cartop launching there (or even small trailer launching), or just rentals? I'll bring the "pin the tail on the donkey game"....oh wait!...wrong place!!! ;)
Let's get all the details going, so we don't have to rush at the last minute. Plus, that way, guys can plan on leaving that weekend open for fishing (not like Crazy Al...leaving us ;)
You can e-mail me @ [email protected]
Doritos as bait, huh? Detroit Red Wings hat. Man, what is wrong with you???? Next thing you know you'll be cutting pockets in plastic worms and inserting Alka-Seltzer. And hopefully that hat will fly out the window of your car and you'll be forced to get a hat with a fish on it. Michigan - lol!!
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